Oh Oat



Introducing Week 1: You get extra loyalty stamps

Whoo! It's Week One of Oatober and we're starting out with a selfie and a stamp. We're giving out an extra stamp for the ditto fans who take a selfie with their oat m*lk ice cream and post it to their Instagram Story.

Happening at the Oranjezicht Farmer's Market and the Vegan Goods Market for the rest of Oatober, here's how to get involved:


We hope to see you there :)


Terms and Conditions for 'You get extra loyalty stamps' mini campaign.

1. This campaign falls part of 'Oatober with Oh Oat' which runs from the 01 October 2021 - 31 October 2021 only. 

2. The selfie(s) posted to the person(s) Instagram Story must be taken and posted on the day that the ditto ice cream is purchased in order to qualify for an extra stamp. 

3. This campaign only runs on the weekends on the times and dates that the Oranjezicht Farmers Market and Vegan Goods Market are open. 

4.  Limited to one selfie per person per purchase.