Oh Oat

Let's change the world.

Our Story

Why start an oat milk company? There are far easier businesses to start or ways to make money. BUT none are quite as impactful. Oat milk is the easiest way to improve your health, the health of the planet, and to reduce animal suffering.

Our oat milk journey started in September 2018 and it took us almost two-years to launch. We conducted thousands of experiments and had countless late nights to perfect the drink we wanted to make.

Now we find ourselves growing a little food business and creating a South Africa we believe in. We’re creating jobs, supporting families and hopefully shifting the needle towards plant-based living.

Here’s to a beautiful future.

Renato & Trent

Our ambitious plan to change the world is driven by our guiding principles.

Our Journey.

Since starting, Oh Oat has grown into a team of young, innovative, dedicated enthusiasts dedicated to sustainability.

Our journey has only just begun and while we might not always know where we’re going, there’s one thing that never changes: our wholesome and delicious taste and our commitment to being kind to you and the planet.

Our Ethos.

There are two things we'll never compromise on over here at Oh Oat:

(1) Doing good by you.
(2) Doing by our planet.

And really, these things are just one in the same. What's good for you is what's good for the planet and visa versa (don't forget it).

Our Vision.

We dream of a kinder world, and for us, that means a more sustainable one. One where kindness extends to everything - people and planet (and all the little creatures that share this place with us).

We may only be an oat milk company, but we’re looking at the bigger picture and we’re here to show others that they can do the same.

Our XYZ.

And just so we're clear here,
We're here to disrupt - kindly and consciously - but we're here to make some mess, turn things upside down (shake 'em around a bit) and get people to think.

We're not joking around. Watch this space.