Oh Oat

Passionate about the planet & South Africa.


We Love Glass.

When considering our packaging, we employed a systems-approach to the design process. Our packaging is not only plastic-free, it’s created from ‘high-value’, glass which is widely collected & recycled.

We're Wild.

Oat milk uses 80% less land, produces less than one-third the greenhouse gas emissions and uses just 4% of the water required to produce one-litre of cows milk.

We’re also better than other dairy alternatives. Check out our comparison below.

We Minimise.

Our planet saving initiatives encompass everything we do at our little factory in Woodstock. From recycling office paper, to re-capturing water - we minimize where we can’t eliminate.

We're Circular

We’ve found innovation in the past and have brought back old fashioned milkman style deliveries.

Our returnable bottle and glass deposit system removes unnecessary packaging from the value chain.

Single-use… what’s that?

We Love Local.

Locally produced right here in Woodstock, Cape Town, our oat milk doesn’t have to travel tens of thousands kilometres to get to you.

We’ve also creating local employment, pay a living wage and treat our staff like family. We believe our strength lies in our diverse and inclusive team.

It’s simple. Oats are the most sustainable choice and so, they became the obvious choice for us.