Oh Oat

Let's change the world.

Our Oat Milk.

Not all oat milks are created equal. If you’re tasted ours you know what we mean. ;)

Why the difference? Well, we spent nearly two-years developing a recipe and process to bring out the glory of the humble oat… the holy grail of sustainability (or as we’d say - the holy grain).

Five ingredients and an 80-step production process later and we have a milk we’re happy to drink all day long.

Our creamy yet neutral taste profile lends itself well to pretty much anything. A warm cuppa joe, a cereal bowl, cookies or tea.



We put in as much effort into making our oat milk tasty as we do into making it good for your body and for the planet.

We’re the only fresh alternative milk in South Africa, because we truly believe fresh milk tastes better.


Oats are full of beta-glucans, have a low GI, are rich in antioxidants and are packed with essential vitamins & minerals.

Our milk is naturally sweet and contains no added sugar. Instead, our production process brings out the natural sweetness of oats.

Our milk is also fortified with calcium


Switching to a plant-based diet is the single biggest thing an individual can do to reduce their environmental impact. We created Oh Oat to make that switch a little easier.

Our milkman system takes this principle one step further.