Oh Oat

No added sugars here, baby.

Our Ingredients.

That slight sweetness in our milk just comes so naturally to us - no added sugars here, baby. And honestly, we’re really not that big on adding too many ingredients to our milk at all. We like to keep it simple and we like to use ingredients that are good for you. That’s why you won’t find any preservatives, gums or additives in our oat milk - just five wholesome ingredients.

Take a peek inside:


We use a lot of oats in the production of our milk and have the highest oat content in South Africa (and possibly the world) – 18% to be precise.

It’s the reason we have the creamiest milk alternative on the market.


We fortify our m*lk with good-for-you calcium - keeping your bones nice and strong (our m*lk contains the same amount of bio-available calcium as a traditional cup of dairy milk).

And we’re the only oat milk in South Africa that does. Check out our comparison below.

Sunflower Oil.

We use locally sourced sunflower oil full of omega 6 and low in cholesterol. Full of healthy, natural fats , it helps our milk turn into silky-smooth micro-foam for a perfect cappuccino or flat white.

It also adds a rich mouthfeel to every sip, mimicking the fat content found in dairy milk.


We are firm believers that a pinch of salt adds a punch of flavour to food and our oat milk is no different.

Our salt is fortified with iodine, an essential mineral most vegans lack.


We’ve engaged the expertise of with H20 | BWT and use some incredible technology to filter and purify our water.

You can rest assured knowing that our milk is free from fluoride, chlorine and any other nasties found in tap water.

Ingredient lists for our flavoured milk can be found on their product pages.