Oh Oat



Introducing Week 2: Our Oatober Card Game 

Can you believe it's the second week of Oatober already?  Last week we were snapping selfies for an extra ditto loyalty stamp which you can still do for the rest of the month!. This week? We're introducing our Oatober Card Game which you can come and play with us at the Oranjezicht Farmers Market or at the Vegan Goods Market on the following dates

Oranjezicht Market - every Saturday and Sunday of October 2021. 

Vegan Goods Market - 31 October 2021 only.


Terms and Conditions for 'Oatober Card Game mini campaign.

  1. The campaign runs at the Oranjezicht Farmers Market and the Vegan Goods Market only, during the month of October 2021 only.
  2.  A customer can only draw a card from the deck of cards after they have paid for their Oh Oat/ditto purchase. A customer cannot draw a card before they have made their purchase.
  3. A card which is drawn by a customer can only be used on the next purchase and not on the purchase just made.
  4. If a card is played in a purchase the customer cannot draw a card after said purchase. A customer cannot play a card and pick up a card.
  5. Cards cannot be stacked. Only one card can be played at the time of a purchase.
  6. Cards must be played within the month of October 2021, unless otherwise stated on the card. 
  7. A card can only be used once. A card marked with an ‘X’ and/or stamp on the front side of the card that reads 'Oatober with Oh Oat' cannot be used. This mark indicates the card has already been played. There are no exceptions. 
  8. There are a limited number of cards printed, while stocks last.