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Oh Oat Milk is Sustainable


Oat milk uses 80% less land, produces less than one-third the greenhouse gas emissions and uses just 4% of the water required to produce one-litre of cows milk.

Oh Oat Milk Sustainable
Oh Oat Milk Made in Woodstock, Cape Town


Locally produced right here in Woodstock, Cape Town, our oat milk doesn’t have to travel tens of thousands kilometres to get to you.


When considering our packaging, we employed a systems-approach to the design process. Our packaging is not only plastic-free, it’s created from ‘high-value’, glass which is widely collected & recycled.

Oh Oat Milk Sustainable Delivery
Oh Oat Milk Sustainable


We’ve partnered with Mielie Mailer to ensure our deliveries have minimal impact on the environment. You can rest assured knowing that our delivery emissions are  offset through tree-planting initiatives in Africa.


Our factory aspires to be zero-waste and we recollect and filter water where possible. In addition, we use by-products of our production process to create food & other materials. 

Oh Oat Milk Circular Economy