Clean-label oat milk

Oh Oat Milk Clean Label

1. Oats

We use a lot of oats in the production of our milk and have one of the highest oat content in our final product – 18% to be precise.

2. Water

We use locally sourced water which is purified through a 3-stage system.

3. Calcium

We add calcium to our mlk. It’s not only good for your bones, it aids the absorption of important nutrients.

4. Salt

Our salt is unrefined, sundried, and free from additives and preservatives.

5. Sunflower Oil

We use locally sourced sunflower oil full of omega 6 and low in cholesteral.

It took us almost 2-years to create the perfect oat milk recipe and it shows. We focused on creating a process which eliminated the need for gums, additives, or preservatives . Our milk is truly clean label, and contains only five ingredients.