Oh Oat

Peanut Butter Oat Milk

R 140.00

A 250ml bottle of fresh, peanut butter oat milk produced in South Africa.
Bottle Deposit:


Our deliciousĀ peanut butterĀ oat milk. Our flavoured milk is completely refined sugar-free and a Cape Town favourite (see our reviews).

Our milk is delivered in 250ml returnable glass bottles. We charge a deposit for these bottles.

The listed price includes a R10 refundable bottle deposit (incl. VAT) for each bottle, i.e. if you order a pack of 4 bottles the price will include a refundable R40.

Please make sure bottles are rinsed and have their lids when returned to us. During deliveries, we not only deliver full bottles of oat milk, we also collect your empty bottles. Your refund will take the form of a discount code of the appropriate amount to use with your next purchase

Ingredients: Oh Oat milk (purified water, oats* (18%), calcium carbonate, sunflower oil, salt), peanut buter, dates.

Lasts up to 30-days in the fridge. Consume within 5 days once opened.

*May contain trace amounts of gluten. See our FAQ pageĀ for a breakdown of what that means.

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