Oh Oat

Does oat milk need to be refigerated?

Most oat milks and other milk alternatives have been designed to last the same way traditional long-life dairy milk do: they can be stored unopened outside the fridge, usually for months and months. Oh Oat, however, is changing the plant-based milk standard by producing 'fresh' oat milk. That's oat milk that must be kept cool and must be stored inside the fridge. We've said goodbye to the long-life design model and chosen to keep things clean and fresh. Why? Well, for a couple of reasons. 

Oh Oat fresh oat milk Cape Town keep refrigerated

Firstly, it's for your health. We've avoided adding any preservative, additives and gums in order to avoid you having to put these things into your body. And so, keeping our milk cool in the fridge is our way of extending its life! This, together with our hot-filling method and nifty little bottle caps, allows our milk to last up to 28 days when kept unopened in the fridge. And we've got to say, we're really proud of that! We've kept things really healthy for you while still keeping our milk fresh for long time - for your convenience.

Secondly, we've made our milk fresh for great taste. You'll never see a barista using box dairy milk to make your cappuccino because, well, they know it just doesn't taste as good and it just doesn't froth as well. And the same principle can be applied to milk alternatives. You shouldn't have to compromise on taste when you've decided to swap out to a milk alternative. That's why we've kept our milk fresh. To keep your coffee tasting good, and arguably, even better. 

So while oat milks and plant-based milk alternatives are typically designed to be stored outside the fridge for convenience, we've chosen to keep things cool - in order not to compromise on your health, quality or taste. Oh Oat milk is good for you and your tastes buds.